Best Practices in Educational Facilities Investments

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Guidebook for Earthquake Protection for Nonstructural Members of School Facilities Revised Edition Protecting Children from Falling and Tumbling Objects due to an Earthquake -Implementing Earthquake Resistance Inspection-

This guidebook is written for checking deterioration signs and member fitting methods, identifying the danger of nonstructural members and taking preventive measures in order to prevent large damage due to nonstructural members at the time of an earthquake.
Categories: Strategic planning, Design guidelines
Country: Japan

Guidelines for Human Settlement Planning and Design

This document provides guidance on appropriate practices and technologies. Emphasis isplaced on assessing “performance” (in relation to issues like health, safety, recreation, education and trade) as opposed to simply assessing the quantitative dimensions of the plan to ensure some form of compliance with stated norms. Various national and provincial government departments, statutory bodies and local authorities may also have their own sets of guidelines for use by planners and engineers. It is not the intention of this document to take the place of these other guidelines. Rather, the Red Book should be considered as being supplementary to them, because local conditions and experiences can often dictate what procedure should be followed in specific cases.
Categories: Strategic planning, Design guidelines, Construction and cost management
Country: South Africa

Better Spaces for Learning

Report from the Royal Institute of British Architects following a post-occupancy study of primary and secondary schools in the UK demonstrates how good design can help ensure that capital funding stretches as far as possible, without storing up problems for the future.
Categories: Strategic planning, Evaluation and assessment of design quality and learning outcomes
Country: UK-England