Best Practices in Educational Facilities Investments

Procurement (14)


Repair and Renovation Projects

Introduces 'Job Order Contracting' (JOC) as a simple alternative procurement vehicle for refurbishing existing school facilities. Stresses its potentials to provide responsiveness and cost-effectiveness.
Categories: Investment guidelines and policy, Procurement
Country: United States

Closing America's Infrastructure Gap: The Role of Public-Private Partnerships

Sets the scene for the projected infrastructure investment needs all around the world. Introduces Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and benefits of PPPs. Discusses sector opportunities and challenges of PPPs including education sector and presents sector highlights world-wide.
Categories: Procurement
Country: United States

Education Sector Programme

Presents part of a strategy to reinforce the development of the country and to launch an integral system which will link the National Plan for Development and its different programs as well as the budgetary process which is created each year in every unit.
Categories: Strategic planning, Procurement
Country: Mexico

Learning in Twenty-First Century Schools: Toward School Buildings That Promote Learning, Ensure Safety, and Protect the Environment

Presents papers from a conference held in Santiago, Chile from 26-27 October 2010 on the state of school infrastructure in the Latin American region and the financial role of the private sector. Papers address design of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools; designing for hurricanes and earthquakes;the impact of school infrastructure on learning; public-private partnerships to build and manage schools; and green schools.
Categories: Procurement, Design guidelines, Evaluation and assessment of design quality and learning outcomes