Best Practices in Educational Facilities Investments

Anhwa High School, Hwaseong, Korea

Exemplary design categories: access, community use and involvement, energy efficiency, green school, library/media/resource centre

How the facility meets the needs of education and communities:
The objectives of this project were to create a facility that was in harmony with its surroundings, including neighboring apartment buildings and communities, and the natural environment. The project also sought to create a compact yet comfortable space suitable for each traffic line. The facility was designed to meet new curriculum. Different grades are located on separate floors and different curriculum departments are situated within each floor, with a multimedia information center - composed of home base, teaching study room and library - at the centre of the school. The gym, library, AV room are open for community use and were thus designed to facilitate access and management during vacation, holidays or time slot without disturbance of school hours. The school is planned and designed as an eco-friendly space. The “school like a park” provides a huge green zone, like an ecological park, for the local community. Various eco-friendly systems have also been installed at the school, including use of solar energy.

Involvement of users and the local community in the planning and design process:
The principal, administrative chief and teachers participated in the design briefing session with the technical officer and designer at the education authority. Another meeting was scheduled at the design completion stage, and their opinions were included in the final design.

Activity Areas: General classroom, special classrooms (AV room, computer room, language lab, art room, music room, science lab, room for house work, technology lab), teachers' room, principal's room, gym, health room, library, cafeteria, home base, schoolyard, broadcasting room.

Project costs: KRW 8,275,000,000.00

Source: Submitted to OECD for "Designing for Education: Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011" in 2010

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