Best Practices in Educational Facilities Investments

Escola Estadual Bairro Feital, Mauá, São Paulo, Brazil

Exemplary design categories: access, community use and involvement, flexible learning settings

How the facility meets the needs of education and communities:
In addition to providing a new educational resource in an area where demand for school places has exceeded supply, this project sought to provide a building that would serve the wider community and enhance the urban environment. The school is located at the foot of the hill in two separate blocks: one 13-classroom teaching block on 3 floors and the second block containing facilities for community use, including a sports hall and facilities for adult education programmes. The trees and open grassland towards the top of the site have been preserved as a recreational area open to the community. At the front of the school, a 10 metre setback from the street which was previously used as a parking lot has been transformed into a plaza. The school is not separated from the rest of the district behind a wall or fence, giving the impression that all are welcome.

Activity Areas: administrative, 13 classrooms, 2 reinforcement classrooms, multi-use room, information technology room, reading centre, storage room for pedagogical material, kitchen, pantry, dining room, canteen, 2 student restrooms with chamber for handicapped persons, student’s association room, covered court, covered courtyard

Project costs: R$ 4,450,000.00

Source: "Designing for Education: Compendium of Exemplary Educational Facilities 2011"

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"Before this school opened, my son studied in the centre of town, and I had to pay quite a lot for school transport. [This school] is closer and beautiful. It doesn’t look like a school, it looks more like a club."
Alessandra Auxiliadora Kuchnie, mother of one of the school’s students

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